High Precision Regulator Products

High sensitivity, constant bleed and pressure control under varying flow, input pressure and temperature conditions.


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WRA302 SeriesStandard High Precision Regulators
WRA102 SeriesStandard High Precision Regulators
WRA102BP SeriesHigh Precision Relief Valve
WRA171 SeriesHigh Precision Vacuum Regulator
WEA632 SeriesHigh Precision Filter/Regulator
WBA208 SeriesPrecision Pneumatic Input
Signal Amplifier
WBA45 SeriesPrecision Pneumatic Input
Signal Amplifier

WBA45 Series

Five signal to output ratios

W3BA45 Series - input signal amplifier View Technical Bulletin

Catalog 604: Pneumatic Products -
Precision Regulators


  • Five signal to output ratios meet most control element requirements.
  • Control sensitivity of water column allows use in precision applications.
  • Large Supply and Exhaust Valves provide high forward and exhaust flows.
  • Soft Supply and Exhaust Valve seats minimize air consumption.
  • A balanced Supply Valve minimizes the effect of supply pressure variation.
  • An Aspirator Tube compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions.
  • A separate Control Chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing.
  • Optional remote feedback port minimizes pressure drop at final control element under flow conditions.
  • The optional adjustable By-pass Valve lets you tune for optimum dynamic response. (1:1 ratio only)
  • Unit construction lets you service the WBA45 without removing it from the line.


View datasheet for signal:output specifications