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High sensitivity, constant bleed and pressure control under varying flow, input pressure and temperature conditions.


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WRA302 SeriesStandard High Precision Regulators
WRA102 SeriesStandard High Precision Regulators
WRA102BP SeriesHigh Precision Relief Valve
WRA171 SeriesHigh Precision Vacuum Regulator
WEA632 SeriesHigh Precision Filter/Regulator
WBA208 SeriesPrecision Pneumatic Input
Signal Amplifier
WBA45 SeriesPrecision Pneumatic Input
Signal Amplifier

WRA102 Series

Flows to 40 SCFM

W3RA102 Series - high precision regulator View Technical Bulletin

Catalog 604: Pneumatic Products -
Precision Regulators


  • Control sensitivity of .125" (.32 cm) water column allows use in precision processes.
  • Pressure balanced supply valve prevents supply pressure changes from affecting the setpoint.
  • Optional check valve permits dumping of downstream pressure when supply is opened to atmosphere.
  • Separate control chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing.
  • An aspirator tube compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions.


Supply Pressure

500 PSIG, (35.0 bar), (3500 kPa) Maximum

Flow Capacity

40 SCFM (68 m3/HR) @ 100 PSIG, (7.0 bar), (700 kPa) Supply and 20 PSIG, (1.5 bar), (150 kPa) Setpoint

Exhaust Capacity

5.5 SCFM (9.35 m /HR) where Downstream Pressure is 5 PSIG, (.35 bar), (35 kPa) above 20 PSIG, (1.5 bar), (150 kPa) Setpoint

Supply Pressure Effect

Less than 0.1 PSIG, (.007 bar), (.7 kPa) for 100 PSIG, (7.0 bar), (700 kPa) change in Supply Pressure


.125" (.005 PSIG) (.32 cm) Water Column

Ambient Temperature

-40°F to +200°F, (-40°C to 93°C)